Swaddling for Eternity

” Swaddling for Eternity”

Swaddling is the act of wrapping a new born in cloth so that it is secure and safe. History is full of examples and practices in the use of swaddling. Swaddling is practiced by almost all cultures in the world.

In our changing world  the focus has been changing at the time of death to the use of Shrouds in the act of a Green Burial. The changes which are a result of the shifting views on traditional funeral practices brings a belief  of using a death Doula or Death Mid-wife at the time of passing. Using a shroud and swaddling the deceased in the shroud creates a more natural and spiritual release of the soul, spirit, and body back to the care of nature. Green Burials or Natural Burials are by their act a much gentler and meaningful treatment of the deceased and to the environment where the soul and spirit are released to become one with the natural flow of eternity of all living things around us.

In almost every community there is a movement a foot to advocate for the creation of a green or natural burial ground or by using a natural conservation preserve  to bring us back to the soul of nature. The act of encasing a body, soul and spirit in a metal container surrounded by a concrete box and sinking everything deep into the cold earth and having the body filled with toxic chemicals has become a vision of dearth on humanity.

Today people are awaking to the past practice of shrouding a body and placing the body into a natural burial ground where nature will use its natural powers to absorb the body, soul and spirit into the surrounding soil to feed and renew the life around it. Modern science show us that the microbial actions of nature will over time provide a safe and natural release of the body.

The shroud is like a swaddling garment for the dignified and gentle return of a body back to nature for eternity.

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