Photosynthesis began 1.25 billion years ago on Earth: Study TORONTO: The world’s oldest algae fossils are a billion years old, according to a study which found that the basis for photosynthesis in today’s plants was set in place 1.25 billion years ago. The study, published in the journal Geology, may resolve a long-standing mystery over […]

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Eloise Woods

Ellen Macdonald got the idea to open the first green cemetery in Central Texas while watching an episode of “Six Feet Under,” an HBO series about a family that owned a funeral home, in 2007. “It was the first time I saw a burial portrayed as really beautiful and natural,” said the Austin resident, 56,

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Green Burials

Imagine a better way to go into eternity… Rather than have your organic compounds sealed in a box in a vault, you could become part of the ecosystem that has sustained you since before your birth. You could become the nutrients of new life. You could become a tree in sunshine, a home to birds

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Green / Natural Burials

By Marlene Cimons Natural burials—where bodies are buried in the soil to allow for a hasty decomposition—have already caught on. But an Australian scientist has proposed that the concept of “dust-unto-dust” go even further. He suggests that natural burials become “conservation” burials, that is, that people use the costs of interring bodies to buy, manage

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