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Read about my company and my vision.

We work hard to provide you the best value and quality of shrouds for funerals

Handcrafted Shrouds are the essence of Green or Natural Burial. Each Shroud is lovingly designed and crafted by Diana to swaddle the person in a natural security blanket that will carry the soul and spirit through its next journey. The shroud when made from  a 100% natural fiber is the best way to provide care and dignity to the person.

My Vision

The EVERGREEN is viewed by most cultures as Ever-bright and Ever-clear, their likeness reminds us of the ever-green nature within the core of every human. It is the enduring quality of the evergreen that embodies itself in the creations from Diana. Her spirit and oneness with nature melds perfectly with her desire to create items of beauty but with a soft and resilient spirit for eternity. Thus Evergreen by Diana was conceived. The Evergreen is by the grace of nature a reminder of the indomitable spirit inherent in all life.

We too have the ability to stand strong in the midst of adverse conditions. When comparing them to heart chakras, or Celtic wisdom, the evergreen’s symbolic meanings deal with life-loving qualities such as: The capacity to love in the coldest of times. The inner resources to feel warmth (empathy) in spite of austerity and The ability to feel deep magic in a sterile, fact-finding world.

Diana’s soul is one with nature and as such is symbolized by the Evergreen which becomes he logo and vision for her life’s purpose and her creations. Diana loves to walk and run amongst the trees where the air is clean and fresh which releases her creativity and deep desire to be a force of change. Diana’s vision sparkles when she understands how her products interact with nature. 

My products envelop the user in a security blanket of spirit and soul which carries us from the here and now to the far reaches that natures has intended in a gentle and caring way. On her daily walks in the forest she can hear the evergreens whisper to her and guide her to her success.

The products are handcrafted with love by Diana in such a way that love becomes a part of the fabric and soul of the item she has crafted. All the materials used in her creations are themselves one with nature.

Evergreen by Diana is a symbol of the strength, beauty and wisdom that guides us from the past, present and future. Those are some of Diana’s thoughts on the evergreen, and how they remind her of emerald potentials forever glistening within the strongholds of our souls.

Join Diana on her journey with the Evergreen and be a part of her success. Continue the journey through her thoughts and writing in her blog.


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