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The evergreen is viewed by most cultures as Ever-bright and Ever-clear, their likeness reminds us of the ever-green nature within the core of every human. It is the enduring quality of the evergreen that embodies itself in the creations from Diana. Her spirit and oneness with nature melds perfectly with her desire to create items of beauty but with a soft and resilient spirit for eternity. Thus Evergreen by Diana was conceived. The Evergreen is by the grace of nature a reminder of the indomitable spirit inherent in all life.

We too have the ability to stand strong in the midst of adverse conditions. When comparing them to heart chakras, or Celtic wisdom, the evergreen's symbolic meanings deal with life-loving qualities such as:  The capacity to love in the coldest of times. The inner resources to feel warmth (empathy) in spite of austerity and The ability to feel deep magic in a sterile, fact-finding world.

Diana's soul is one with nature and as such is symbolized by the Evergreen which becomes he logo and vision for her life's purpose and her creations. Diana loves to walk and run amongst the trees where the air is clean and fresh which releases her creativity and deep desire to be a force of change. Diana's vision sparkles when she understands how her products interact with nature. Her products envelop the user in a security blanket of spirit and soul which carries us from the here and now to the far reaches that natures has intended in a gentle and caring way. On her daily walks in the forest she can hear the evergreens whisper to her and guide her to her success.

The products are handcrafted with love by Diana in such a way that love becomes a part of the fabric and soul of the item she has crafted.   All the materials used in her creations are themselves one with nature.

Evergreen by Diana is a symbol of the strength, beauty and wisdom that guides us from the past, present and future. Those are some of Diana's thoughts on the evergreen, and how they remind her of emerald potentials forever glistening within the strongholds of our souls.

Join Diana on her journey with the Evergreen and be a part of her success. Continue the journey through her thoughts and writing in her blog.

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The vision for Evergreen by Diana shows the concept and passion used in the product creation swaddling for eternity
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Evergreen by Diana

Story of The Burial Shroud



The practice of using burial shrouds, or “burial sheets,” is one that is rich in history across many cultures; however, for many, this can be a new concept, especially when planning for a funeral. Today, burial shrouds refer to any form of cloth that covers the deceased before cremation or burial. Typically, these sheets are made out of cotton , linen or wool and are widely available  in various styles that fit the nature of the service itself. 

The History of the Burial Shroud

While many Christians are familiar with the Shroud of Turin—the mysterious cloth wrapped around Jesus Christ after his death—the practice of burial sheets is one that has been used all across the world. Shrouds are commonly used in a variety of manners and styles. Originally, Christians used burial shrouds as a way to save on materials and still present the deceased in a respectful manner. However, this practice also dates back to other funerary practices in Ancient Egyptian and Native American cultures. 

Today, this tradition continues on in many religious and cultural circles. For instance, Jewish burials often utilize shrouds, known in Hebrew as “Tahirim,” that are white and made by hand, directly correlating to the religious historical significance this cloth has carried. Many Christians also continue this practice, often signifying the cloth with a cross or the Trisagnion hymn.

Muslim and Hindu cultures also utilize shrouds, but in a much different manner. In these cultures, shrouds become very much a part of preparing the deceased for their journey into the afterlife. These cultures take meticulous measures when preparing shrouds, such as by washing them an odd number of times with scented water. 

Using Burial Shrouds Today

While many still use shrouds as part of a cultural custom, others are  use them as part of “green burial” practices, so as to encourage less material usage and to encourage the bonds between the spirit, soul and oneness with nature and the spirit of mother nature. Evergreen by Diana emphasizes the bonds between our souls and spirit with Mother Nature's brand. Using a shroud enhances the green burial process by allowing the body to become one with the environment much quicker and with much less impact than other forms of burial or other forms of disposition which infect the environment with toxic materials and chemicals. Using a shroud is the best way to be sustainable with the least impact on Mother Nature.  The memorial ritual becomes more memorable and special when a Shroud from Diana is used in the service as those attending know that the one they love is being treated with the highest degree of respect. Diana crafts each shroud by hand with the loving and care she has with nature. 


Shrouds are Swaddling for Eternity

Branded by Mother Nature and crafted by Diana

The Story of The Shroud
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The Story of The Shroud
The story of the shroud and its history and current use. Shrouds from EvergreenbyDiana are handcrafted to be mother nature's swaddling for eternity.
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Evergreen by Diana


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The Five Principles of Green Burial

The following are the essential criteria that should be present to properly qualify an interment as a ‘Green Burial’. No Embalming Human remains are prepared for green burial without embalming. Decomposition is nature’s way of recycling a body.  From this perspective families who choose green burial regard embalming as a highly invasive, unnatural and unnecessary …


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